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It's the day after Easter and you open the fridge to find a half a dozen hard-boiled eggs left over. Do I just crack them open and eat them whole with a little salt and pepper? Do I get a little more involved and make deviled eggs? Or do I just need a break from the half a dozen I ate the day before. Well if you fall into the last category I have a great idea for you, pickle them!

If you have never had a pickled egg you are completely missing out. The white texture of the egg gets a little firmer and there is the sweet acidic taste of the pickling liquid, it's divine. You can eat them whole or cut them up and put them in salads.

I first heard about pickled eggs after Susan had given a gift of pickled beets to my stepfather Dave. Dave started telling us about how much he loved pickled beets and that after they were all gone he would take hard-boiled eggs and put them in the pickling juice to make beet pickled eggs. "Put them in the fridge for about a week and you are ready to go", Dave said. And man if he wasn't right! The eggs start to take on a ruby like color and become pickling delicious. Once you have one, your hooked.

So if you don't have a prized jar of Susan's pickled beets, you can likely pick up a jar from the grocery store. Have a little beet snack and save the liquid and jar. Hard-boil about 5 to 6 eggs and peel them. Drop them in the jar and put them in the fridge for about a week and they are ready for eating. Alternatively you can heat the beet pickling juice to a low boil. Slightly crack the hard-boiled eggs with the back of a spoon and them add them to the liquid. Turn down the heat to a simmer and let them go for about 10-15 minutes, then turn the heat off and cover the pot and let sit at room temperature for about 2 hours. Refrigerate and eat chilled.


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