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So, more than a few month ago Susan found an amazing piece of art on the internet by the artist April Coppini. The piece first popped up on Pinterest, and then down the rabbit hole Susan went in search of a place that actually sold it. After weaving from site to site, she finally ended up on the Facebook page for the store Beam and Anchor in Portland, Oregon.

First, let me tell you we have never bought a major piece of art on the internet without seeing it in real life, but we were just so drawn to it. I called Beam and Anchor and asked if they could ship it to us, they said yes and then bingo, we were in business. They probably thought we were crazy, but they were so nice about it. A few days later it arrived, and it was stunning. Now it lives above the sofa and we get to enjoy it everyday.

Now fast forward a few months. Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City was about to happen and we figured if we were going to make the long trip out towards the west coast, what other little adventure could we take. We were considering the Redwoods of California, Seattle and Portland. We had never been to any of these places, so it was toss up. So as we are strolling around the house thinking of where to go, the art piece from Portland was screaming at us. “That’s it, let’s go to Portland!”

First stop in Portland was Beam and Anchor, and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint. The large open space was just screaming our personal style. In fact, we own a few of the pieces they had there. But that didn’t stop us from picking up a blanket for me a clutch for Susan and a fews other odds and ends. The store is a great collaboration of people and well curated items. Not to mention some of the designers and makers are on the floor above.

So if you headed over the the west coast, stop by and say hi to Beam and Anchor and tell them the Brinson’s sent you!

More of our Portland finds to come this month, so keep an eye out.

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