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During the holidays we are busier than ever. Between work and holiday parties, plus shopping and organizing everything for traveling, it can get hectic. I always carve out time to do some baking. This year, I had to adjust some baking a bit after finding out I'm gluten intolerant. So I've gone on a search for some tasty holiday treats that have no gluten. Candy has become a new passion!

This is the first year I've made nut brittle and it has quickly become a favorite. I like it because it is fast and easy, 30 minutes active, and 30 minutes to cool, an hour from start to finish. You have to know your way around a candy thermometer a bit, but practice makes perfect. This recipe does call for baking powder. Make sure the brand you buy says 'gluten free' since some brands do contain gluten.

Once the brittle has set up, you just crack it and package it. 

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