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Between the Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) we love to entertain, a lot. So we always like to have a few cases of wine around. This year we will have a story to tell about the wine, we’ve been enjoying and the circumstances around it. 

One of our favorite places to buy wine in the city is Pasenella and Sons, located on the very south of our island of Manhattan. During hurricane Sandy, that part of Manhattan saw some very bad flooding, with upwards of 6 feet of water in some areas. Local business down there came to a halt and some still haven’t recovered. While NYC might seem like a big city to most, to us its a small town. We’ve lived here 13 years so as you can imagine we bump into the same people on the streets, our local deli, the subway and even the wine store. So when we saw an opportunity to support a local business, that has been a part of our lives for years, after hurricane Sandy, we jumped on it. 

Pasenella and Sons sent out an email saying they were having a ‘storm sale’ to clear out all of the wine bottles that sat under 6 feet of water that flooded their store. Of course we were in, we were super excited to see what jewels we would find and went downtown to buy them! The wine was perfectly fine, only sitting underwater for a short amount of time, nothing like this ship wrecked champagne or even this ship wrecked wine. Maybe a little time in the East River flood waters might do these bottles some good?

We have been enjoying our sampling, tasting wine that we might not have ventured over to in the store, and we are pleasantly surprised. If you are ever downtown, stop by and say hi to the gang at Pasenella and Sons. 

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