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I love the crisp weather that has been around us for a week or so. It makes me want to roast something in the oven or start a bonfire outside. Fall is my favorite season, and pumpkins are my favorite fall delight. Pretty much pumpkin everything. 

Susan recently made a pumpkin butter and trying not to waste anything, she kept the seeds. Within a few minutes she had them sprinkled with seasoning and into the oven for roasted pumpkin seeds. Now my first thought was just to put them in my mouth, let's not waste time here people. But we had a few friends over for a communal dinner and they asked if they could put them on their salad. Fantastic, is how I would describe it. They were a bit salty-spicy, which cut the vinaigrette and butteriness of the leaves. I guess my next question is: what else can we put them on?

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