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One thing that we have in common with the Italians is that we love to entertain and have a communal table. What kind of reason do we need to get together with our friends, none! 

So in the true Italian style, we had gathered a few people together for a grappa tasting. I think most of us who have had grappa before can attest to its powerful aroma and bite. I was determined to find out if there was something more to it, and we did.

First we found out that Taleggio cheese is a perfect mate for this bold liquid. It has just the right punch to calm the intensity of the grappa. After we found the cheese, we chose three grappa’s from a suggestion of Eataly’s wine store. One classic clear (Aquavite di Vinaccia Nardini), an aged one (Riserva Nardini) and a chamomile liquor with grappa (Montanaro).

The classic was as expected, a little rough around the edges but nice. The second one that was aged in oak barrels and was by far my favorite. Aged grappa has a smoother finish, but all the qualities that you look for in a grappa. The last was the chamomile which I found to be extremely sweet, although Susan would disagree.

It was a fun little lesson to share with friends, and an experience that we won’t soon forget. So if your curious, pick up a few bottles and and gather some friends for a fun night in. Enjoy!

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