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Sometimes a simple thing, like a new piece of furniture, brings a feeling of relief and renewal. I always find it odd that one single object can make such a difference in our daily lives, however it’s a fact. Our home is truly a working loft we happen to live in. In the front area, Will has his photo studio which is connected to the kitchen. This comes in handy when shooting food, it’s prepared and goes right on set. Will has known he needs a table for stylists to use for laying out props for some time, so a year ago he bought two cheapie folding tables with the eventual goal to replace them. If we are unsure about a functional piece of furniture we will often buy a ‘stand in’ and see how it goes. It helps us gauge our investment as well. Ok, so fine, the tables are up at every single shoot. Time to commit (and unload the cheapies on Craigslist). 

On the flip side, when Will is not shooting on the weekends that space sits completely empty. That’s right: how many NYers do you know that lets about 500 sq ft go completely unused? Guilty. I thought if we had a nice table we could have breakfast and hang out while we cooked. The studio area gets the best daylight, which is really inspiring. 

Like any married couple, Will and I had dramatic points of view on what this table would be. I was dead set on having a smallish folding table, while Will was willing to commit to a larger table that did not fold. I was worried we’d have this HUGE piece of furniture and not have any flexibility. Low and behold, the perfect table. Yes, this is a folding table, and it is super big at 95 inches per Will’s needs. Looks like there is lots of room for a stylist to put plates, platters and glasses. 

When Will is not shooting in our space, we have the perfect kitchen table. Brunch anyone?

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