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For all you seeking your pork Mecca, well I have found it. The Nahunta Pork Center in North Carolina has possibly every cut of pork there. “Where’s the beef” you say? Go somewhere else!

After a couple of hours on the road coming back from the outer banks of North Carolina we started seeing signs for the Nahunta Pork Center. Now come on, how many times to you see a sign like that? So of course we veered off course and headed into the deep south, not realizing the first sign said 5 miles to the next sign. After about 20 minutes we finally arrived. There is not much before and after the pork center, but as you pull up, the all-pork butcher is on the right and the pig pens are to the left. The pigs looked extremely well cared for and happy.

After a hard decision of what could we take home, we decided on a cured ham, pork rinds and some crackling. All in all a good haul. We stopped by my grandparents on the way home and my grandmother told me about how her mom used to make crackling bread. She went on to explain the crackling bread is simply corn bread with crumbled up crackling in it. What can I say, it runs in the family!

So if your heading down south, make sure you veer off route US95 for a whole new pork experience, and say hi to the piggys.

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