Blood, Sweat and Lots of Ink Part II

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From the previous post about revamping my portfolios and etc. you can see it has been a long labor of love. And not just from me but from all my supporters like Elyse Connolly and the office, Melissa McGill (consultant) and of course Susan.

After we compiled all the images in to the right pagination it was time to have the portfolios made. There were vast amounts of choices of colors materials and styles of books. With the same concept in mind of contrast and seasonality I chose three gradations of color from cream to a deep brown. All of these colors emphasize the natural elements that I try to impose in my images. This also works for the food books which are labeled “Dark” and “Light”. The folks at Brewer Cantelmo helped me realize the vision of what I imagined the portfolios to be.

Seeing the portfolios for the first time all together I knew they were spot on. Melissa McGill really saw my vision in the volumes of images I sent her and put together an amazing 3 volumes of work. The portfolios flow so beautifully from start to finish.

We have been making the rounds at the magazines and agencies with these beauties, but if you haven’t seen them yet, give us a shout!


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