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Well it has been a great few months around here and it’s just the beginning. All kinds of new projects and new people have been shuffled into my life. After a wonderful trip to France (which was featured in Pure Green Magazine this month) I forged a new relationship with Elyse Connolly, my photography agent. It was like I met a missing part of my family and we hit it off famously. Everyone in the office has rallied around and supported me. Since then, all kinds of things have been in the works to relaunch my work. There are new promos, website gallery updates and new portfolios! 

It all starts with the portfolios and trickles down from there. If you are anything like me, you have seen all your work over and over again and it becomes almost impossible to set you feelings aside while compiling a body of work. Between Susan and myself over the years, we have spent tireless nights debating on what was right to include. So when Elyse and I came together to put the books in order, she recommended a consultant. A consultant is a completely unbiased opinion, without any preconceived notions. They look at the work as a whole and then pull out a strong vision. Elyse introduced my to Melissa McGill, an art director and photo consultant. All I had to do was compile an overwhelming amount my images from though out the years and handed them over. Well not quite, but thats how it felt.

Melissa brought together work that I was blinded by before, because I was so close to it. After weeks back and forth we finally had something to work with. One of the themes in my work is about contrast such as light and dark, or even seasons. Melissa saw that and suggested two food portfolios, one that featured the ‘light’ images and the other portfolio has ‘dark’ images. 

I will share some images of my actual books next week. As you can image, I used lots of ink printing these. Let the ink flow…

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