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We recently attended AltSummit and had to have business cards printed for our blog. Never, in a million years, did I ever think we would have blog business cards. Well, times are a changin’ and we had blog business cards printed. I knew they had to be letterpress since I would pretty much letterpress everything if I could.

I’ve known Earl Kallemeyn for about 12 years and have worked on projects with him since graduating college and first moving to New York City. We go way back. Earl’s family has been in the letterpress business for 75 years, it is really wonderful to see a craft passed on through the generations.

Not only is Earl a great printer, he’s a bad ass. That’s right, you won’t hear me say it about many people I know, but Earl is a true bad ass. He has tattoos, a bike, and you guessed it a blog. I also love to know someone who is excited and passionate about what they do. Earl fits the bill. I have a great deal of respect for what he does because I own a small letterpress and it is hard. And kind of addictive at the same time. You have to put another sheet in to see if you got it right. This post is a bit bittersweet for me since I decided to sell my press (between blogging, working and other projects it sits there, sadly unused). And honestly I normally send all my jobs to Earl, he does a beautiful job.

The New York Times produced a video about Earl that you can watch here. Next time you are at the stationery shop, you will have an insight as to the process of letterpress printing.

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