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If luck falls upon you and you happen to be approached with truffles, just say yes. That is exactly what happened to us recently. We had the fortunate opportunity of being graced with not one but two truffles, black and white. We will keep the name of the person who brought these undercover, but you know who you are and thank you!

How does one come across a ziplock bag full of truffles? At a cocktail party, of course. That the way everything happens in NYC. These people obviously have the same motto as us and that is “if it’s expensive and rare, share it with your friends and it will be that much better”. So sipping cocktails and being advised to shave the black one over scrabbled eggs in the morning. How much more exciting could it get? Well, let me tell you…  after we had our scrambled eggs I diligently stored the truffles in a container of arborio rice. You see where I’m going with this? That’s right, black truffle risotto with mushrooms and just a little parmesan. We didn’t share that one with friends but there was so much perfumed rice left over that I brought some to my brother-in-law.

That was quite a food spasm, but we are talking about truffles here, one of the most expensive foods on earth. I mean come on, if you were given the opportunity to eat a $100 scrambled egg breakfast with truffles for free, wouldn’t you dig in?

I hope luck finds you in this new year as well!

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