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Meatopia, the name speaks for itself. A place of wonder and glory of all things meat. From the littlest bite to a whole smoked Black Angus Donley steer, a carnivores dream! And yes this was a recurring dream, we also went to Meatopia last year.

We started our journey to the land of meat in the subway and ended up on pier 5 in Brooklyn. There we  were greeted with our keys to the city, or at least an arm band claiming us to be meatazins. We unfolded our map to the kingdom and started plotting our destinations. It was almost to much to handle, but were were prepared.

One of our first stops was one of the best, we stopped at Seersucker to have a sweet glazed quail with corn and watermelon by Chef Robert Newton. This was by far at the top of the list for the day. Our next stop was Pat LaFrieda, who had the most impressive display of a whole smoked Black Angus Donley steer. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also had some amazing sliders!

The day was full of butchering competitions, music and lots of water. I have to say at one point I didn’t know what direction to go in, but that was soon rectified.

To take a small break from the heat we went beyond the barriers to the water and low and behold was Chef Ludo Lefebrve of Ludo Bites. He had a Korean style hanger steak with sliced cauliflower and a white creamy cheese, amazing! Well worth a trip to see Chef Ludo.

As the heat was not letting up, we wandered around by the water and decided to try one more thing before rolling home, and I’m so glad we did. We stumbled upon Chef Craig Kokesu of our new neighborhood joint, the Hurricane Club. Now you all know I’m a fan of duck, so when I saw Chef Craig had duck with green papaya tacos, I had to have one. Jackpot! This was the perfect thing to have as my last bite, it made the hot weather worth it (but creators of Meatopia, have it in cooler weather next year).

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