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Fourth of July, Americana, antiquing and crabbing, all crammed into our latest adventure. The past few day we have been cruising down the east coast to Maryland, the birth place of yours truly and other important things, like blue crabs!

That’s right, Maryland blue crabs, the most amazing crustacean on the east coast! I am so obsessed with these crabs that at the age of 3 my mom got so tired of picking them for me, she sat me down and taught me how to do it. I’m still just as messy and proud of it. All you need is a knife and a dish with apple cider vinegar and you are on your way to nirvana.

Luckily on this trip, we had the opportunity to get the crabs fresh from the water. We went out early in the morning and met up with the family. Almost immediately we were catching crabs, laughing and having fun. I think all the laughing had something to do with Susan catching all the crabs! She was swiping them them up left and right, me, well not so much.

Fresh off the boat and into the pot. Within 30 minutes we were having a feast. Now that’s the way to celebrate the Fourth of July!

Dave’s Crabbin’ Tips (my mom’s fiance and expert crabber)

– Don’t look at the crabs just throw them in the boat and keep going

– You can sort the crabs out later

– Make sure the boat shadow isn’t over the crab line

– If the crabs have muddy bellies they are nice and fat

– If you miss three big crab, you get off the boat

– Cook the crabs with beer, vinegar and water for 30 minutes 

– Season with Dave’s special mix (or Old Bay)

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