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There has been a lot of discussion in decorating and design circles about the topic of ‘undecorating’. We recently attended the launch party for DwellStudio’s founder and creative director Christiane Lemieux’s new book, Undecorate. I was pretty excited to see this book because it is similar to my own point of view on decorating. While I have a formal design education, I never want our loft to look over designed. I see homes in magazines that are so over propped and styled, and well, perfect, that I have no idea who really lives there. I search for the soul in homes. I want to know the history of the space and the people that live there.

The designer in me will never leave, I will always have an eye for high quality and well designed products. Design will continue to play a part in homes, but in a way that shows the personality of those who live there. It’s about the experience of life and the spaces we live in.

I am still noticing the trend to have catalogue-like styled homes in magazines and TV shows. I hope to see that change into content that looks lived in.  I want to know whether these homes are still beautiful in the first morning light? When the owners leave their shoes out, do they feel out of place, or like they belong there? I find beauty and comfort in things like an unmade bed and the living history we leave behind.

We have been redecorating our bedroom for some time and I will have some process shots coming up in the next few weeks. I have been watching the light in our bedroom and how we use the space. I have also been looking at color and trying to overcome my fear of adding color. I even went on a furniture buying spree and filled the space. I am taking the plunge and adding actual fabric pieces I love despite knowing they will be covered in dog hair.

I grew up in military housing with beige walls and homes that were cookie cutter identical for blocks. So my advice for everyone is ‘At Ease’. You can relax, but still be put together and stylish. What are your thoughts on this topic?

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