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The purpose of this post is not only to share a small part of my tea cup collection, but also to fulfill a New Year’s resolution or to-do list item. A little bit about my tea cup collection: these cups come from everyone and everywhere. My Grandma Dewe gave me my first tea cup and that got me started. All of these tea cups have such a great history, from one that is four generations old from my Grandma to ones my friend Rachael gave me for being in her wedding. Each one is special to me because of its history and who gave it to me. And I admit, if I see a three footed tea cup I buy it for myself. Those are my favorite.

My new years to-do list includes taking better care of them. They sit stacked up on my dresser in a hazardous pile. I just don’t have anywhere to put them. So I bought myself a cabinet for my teacups. I decided on this one. Some of the details were important, like it had to have doors to keep the dust off, and be versatile enough I can use it for a different purpose in the future should I ever acquire a hutch. I will give you an update of how it looks once filled with lots of tea cups and other treasures. I did look at vintage, I just wasn’t in love with anything I saw.

What are some of your resolutions or to-do items for the new year?

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