Winter Comfort with Polenta

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Well we can’t tell if winter has really started yet, due to the crazy weather lately, but we know its coming. So when that cold winter day comes, this is the perfect dish to have. Warm velvety polenta topped with wild flagrant mushrooms and a delicate poached egg on top. This just screams winter comfort!

I have been following the dynamic duo of Working Class Foodies for awhile now, I first came across their tv show and then followed up online. These two make really  amazing food and make it something obtainable for everyone else to make as well. This polenta, mushroom and poached egg recipe, was one of the first things I tried making from them, and what a start!

Polenta is such an amazingly hearty and heartwarming dish, that people often overlook. It whips together very easily and cost next to nothing. It’s the mashed potato of the corn world.

This recipe is the perfect thing to whip together for the family around the holidays. If you are like us, we always have a crowd for the morning after Thanksgiving, and this recipe is so easy to put together and is very satisfying. I wouldn’t just limit this to breakfast though, we often have this for dinner when it’s just the two of us. 

This dish feels so decedent with the yolk of the poached egg dripping down the mushrooms and pooling into the polenta, it can turn any day into a good one. So keep warm and explore polenta and this fantastic dish, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

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