Thanksgiving: Glasses Galore

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We have a huge Thanksgiving every year. We collect our family and friends who are staying in the city for one big dinner.

This is always the Super Bowl of entertaining for us. We never worry about having enough food, but believe me, we need to have enough plates and glasses for everyone. Like my mother and grandmother, I believe in pulling out the big guns for Thanksgiving. The nice china, glasses and real silver.

The topic for this post is glasses. Above we have a selection of our glasses.

The European Wine Glass

My #1 favorite type of glass. We have two sizes, and use both frequently. They can also double as water glasses for large crowds, like Thanksgiving.


I do pull out the stemware for Thanksgiving. I believe in setting a formal table. I don’t use these for casual gatherings because they are so insane to wash. Last year I snapped the stem on the first glass I washed. Of course I like the beautiful delicate crystal, thin stemmed glasses. Le sigh.

Vintage Glasses

I love antiques, and pick up mismatched glasses if I see them for a few dollars. I try to buy in groups, the same color (clear for us) and keep it to a few shapes and sizes. By following this simple concept, you will never end up looking too mismatched.

Water Glasses

I love to find inexpensive, simple water glasses. We have a high traffic loft, and you will never see me crying my eyes out over a broken glass. So we keep it real, and don’t invest in this area.

Check back in the coming weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. We will have posts about silver, table decor and linens. 

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