Apple Picking: A Sweet Reward

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Well if you haven’t already, you must get out and pick some apples. They are practically pulling the trees down, because they’re so full this time of year.

A few hours drive from NYC and the apple orchards just start popping up everywhere and honestly, they all look good. I go for the ones with the perks! If your lucky enough they will have hot apple cider and even apple cider doughnuts, that’s right doughnut! You know everyone needs an apple cider doughnut break.

There is not to picking apples, it just gives you that fresh fall feeling, and makes you feel good about what YOU just harvested. Trust me, that apple butter Susan just made, tastes just that much sweeter because we picked it.

Now note to all the husbands and wives of canners out there, you will be carrying lots and lots of apples (this is where the cider and doughnuts breaks come in). But you do get free jam and other goodies, so just keep that in mind.

So pop on that fall sweater, gather your friends and family in the car and head for the orchards for some apple picking. It has a sweet reward!

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