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The evenings keep getting chillier, so I’m always thinking of ways to warm up. And usually as I start thinking, I always end up at food. If it has been a long day and you have already had a good dinner, the most logical thing in my mind is dessert or a drink. So what better way to warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth than to make boozy hot coco. 

You can get as fancy or as low brow as you see fit. From packets of coco mix to the real deal, booze just makes it taste better. Susan likes the cheap packets because she doesn’t like mixing alcohol and milk. Me on the other hand, I would use pure, full fat milk, chocolate and alcohol. Here are some different types of booze you can add to your hot coco:

– Kahlua

– Bailey’s

– Brandy

– Amaretto

– Cognac

– Anything on the sweeter side of alcohol

From my recent experience I prefer Bailey’s or Kahlua in my hot coco. Every now and then maybe Hennessy or Amaretto, if I’m feeling just right. Which ever you choose you really can’t go wrong. Sweet, tasty and makes me sleep like a baby. The perfect cocktail for a cold fall night. Sip responsibly.

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