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These beautiful animal brooches belonged to William’s grandmother, Marie Brinson. Grandma Brinson has been gone for many years, but her style is with us everyday. We have many items that belonged to her: our bed head board, art on our salon wall and the blue lamp in our bedroom. Anything that was Grandma Brinson’s in our apartment always gets rave reviews from visitors. William’s sister recently gave him a bag of Grandma Brinson’s jewelry. Inside we found an homage to her style and personality.

You can tell a lot about a person from their jewelry. We can see Grandma Brinson’s love for animals, for fishing and crabbing, and her love for the exotic. Grandma Brinson was always fashion forward. Some of the brand names on the brooches were the most desired of the time. We imagine William’s Grandfather brought them back from New York City while on buying trips for the Brinson’s Department Store.

We hope you enjoy these brooches from the past and they remind you of your family memories.

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